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So, who are we?

For this part, we haven’t really found the answer ourselves yet. We’re constantly in search for new interests, projects, and basically the ‘next big thing’!

Nice to meet you, we are Lotem & Efrat. We both have a B.Des (Bachelor of Design), work as freelancers in the digital world, and are experts in capturing trends and lifestyle products.
Oh, and most importantly - we are both dog moms!
Pipa, Border Collie A therapeutic dog that is all Four-legged LOVE.
Lika, was adopted as a puppy and saved from street life. Today it is not clear who saved whom...

After spending some years in the fashion industry, designing for humans.. we realized that it is much more fun to design for DOGS :)

Eco & woof is a brand born out of a huge love, but also out of real need.
This is our first project and our goal is to be more ecological over time. As women living on earth, we are aware of the need to protect the planet. We know that it only takes a slight change in consumerism habits to bring about a big and significant change!
WE CARE therefore we are using natural, plastic free, recycled materials & those that know how to decompose.
Our production is done in small quantities with attention to every detail.
We’re here to live a life full of aesthetics, variety, and inspiration, that in no way harms our environment. We believe in consuming stuff that is exactly right for us and our furry friends!

What makes us happy?

Our planet. It's the only one with dogs. Let's keep it safe.